8888 Dragodanovo, Municipality of Sliven

1 Democracy square

cellular phone: +359 877 357314

tel.: +359 4512 20 26

tel./fax: +359 4512 22 71



Alternative for everyone Foundation welcomes donations under the form of estate, money, legacy etc. The Foundation ensures - strict fulfilment of the conditions of the donation if these are stated; reports for the accomplishment in the process of work under the will of the contributor and control over the activity related with the usage of the donation. With "Alternative for Everyone" Foundation you can support initiative and enthusiastic people for the accomplishment of their projects and thus helping for improving the conditions of life of the most Europeans. Please, let us know if you have decided to make a donation! The bank accounts of the Foundation can be used for remittance.

ProCredit Bank-Sliven


in Lev:IBAN:BG03PRCB92301021019624

in EUR:IBAN:BG88PRCB92301421019613

in USD:IBAN:BG80PRCB92301121019612



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